5 Tips for Truly Savouring an Experience


Savouring is often a word we associate with food, an enjoyable meal, a delicious taste, or perhaps a salty snack – but it’s a word I feel perfectly describes soaking in a moment you want to remember forever.

We live in a world where distractions are absolutely everywhere. Even while I write this I’m locked away in a room, disconnected from WiFi until I hit post, so that I can pour all of my attention into what I’m writing and stay authentic to how I feel, instead of being influenced by what others are doing on social media.

So, whether you want to slow down and enjoy a quiet moment or find adventure and soak in every minute of it, here are five things that have been helping me – I hope they help you too!


1. Disconnect 
Turn off your phone, put it in airplane mode, mute your notifications – Do whatever you need to do so that “dings” and “buzzes” aren’t interrupting you. You’ll actually be amazed (and feel a little guilty) once you see how much you’ve been missing!


2. Be Intentional
Plan ahead and make sure to carve out time to do something you enjoy. If this isn’t something you already do, try to make the time weekly, then move to a couple times a week, then daily. What you choose to do doesn’t need to be grand, if you like digging into your favorite book, a walk outside in nature, sipping on a hot cup of tea – whatever it is, make sure you genuinely enjoy it. If you’re craving something grand, then set a date, make the plans, and enjoy the anticipation. Looking forward to an event or experience plays a part in the joy you’ll derive from it. Spend time researching the area where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do, and how you’ll feel when you’re there – Not only will you be prepared when the time comes, but you’ll be able to begin savouring the experience before it even begins!


3. Take Photos
Now, this one can be tricky. With social media playing such a large role in some people lives, it can be tough to take photos just for the joy of reminiscing over them later, and not for the intention of posting to our socials, even sub-consciously. I suggest, using a camera separate from your smartphone if you have one.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sharing our families adventures on social media, but all too often I’ve caught myself; “staging” photos for Instagram, and forgetting to simply enjoy the moments I have with my family. So recently, I’ve decided to scrap social media from my thoughts when we’re enjoying family time, and changed my mindset when taking photos. I no longer take them for the purpose of posting to social media, rather to look back on as the kids grow and remember all the fun we had! And you know what, I actually end up with BETTER photos I do end up sharing, so it’s a win-win! I definitely think it’s possible to have a healthy balance.


4. Share
One of my favorite quotes says, “happiness is only real when shared,” and I don’t mean sharing to social media; sharing your experience with someone face-to-face is so much better! Reminiscing about an experience with another person can increase the positive emotions you both feel, such as joy, contentment, amusement, accomplishment, and inspiration. Celebrate and feel the good vibes!


5. Journal / Blog
Keep a journal and write about moments and experiences you want to savour – Write about what you did, how it made you feel, what you may have learned. Perhaps your writing is something you’ll read during an unhappy time and be reminded of the joy you felt, prompting you to do it again. Maybe a journal or blog can be something that inspires others, or is passed onto your children or a significant person in your life. Or, it can be something special just for you; studies show that physically writing things down does help to engrain them into memory.


There you have it! Five things we can do to better savour every day moments, whether they’re simple, or grand! These are things I continue to work at and be mindful about. I hope this inspires you to intentionally soak in those moments, and I’d love to hear your suggestions too! Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!