In the Lavender Field

It’s been one year since my Grandpa passed away. He battled a long twelve years with Cancer. Yes, that’s 12 years. With what began as prostate cancer, my grandpa had been through every test, every treatment, including several experimental trials, and ultimately spent his last couple months in the Holmberg House Hospice in Abbotsford, BC – A beautiful, warm, and welcoming home away from home; this facility and it’s staff are truly a blessing I will be forever grateful for.

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We spent many days at the hospice with my grandpa, chatting, while snuggling with his great grandkids, watching the news or adventure shows on television, or sometimes just watching him rest. Every few days, when he was feeling up to it, we would wheel him down to the beautiful relaxation garden; on the way, was a path lined with lavender bushes. My grandpa would lower his hand and let the lavender flowers glide through his fingers, and deeply breathe in the beautiful smell, as if everything was okay again.


Soon after my grandpa passed, on August 4, 2016, I found myself doing the same, running my fingers through lavender blooms as I walked by. The summer ended and so did flower season. So when lavender started blooming again this June, I couldn’t wait to find a field full of it. I wanted to breathe in the air and go back to the days of making those last memories with him.


I began my hunt for a lavender field, and I am so happy that I stumbled upon this incredible little gem. Botanical Specialties, located in Columbia Valley (passed Cultus Lake), has a stunning u-pick lavender farm nestled among vast farmland and mountains. We arrived under a bright blue sky, after the wildfire smoke had finally passed, it was truly the perfect day. The kids, who were all dressed in their cute little outfits to snap some photos of, had fallen to sleep on the drive. Not wanting to wake them (cause I’ve learned my lesson!), I got started picking solo. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As I knelt down between the rows of lavender bushes, surrounded by the smell, I could hear bees buzzing, birds chirping, and nothing else… I got to spend a moment with Grandpa, in the lavender field.

For friends and family who are struggling with a cancer diagnosis in their life, I send my love, positivity, and prayers. Please know that no matter how helpless you feel in the battle, love can truly make a difference.

Botanical Specialties
U-Pick Lavender Farm
Columbia Valley
(just past Cultus Lake, follow the yellow signs)


Holmberg House
Abbotsford Hospice Society