Made in Canada: Little Works of Joy

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Little Works of Joy
with Artist, Joy Kinna


If you’ve met Joy, you can agree with me when I say she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet – I guess you could say her name is incredibly fitting! She has a way of leaving you feeling inspired, and her paintings are no different.

I had the pleasure of connecting with her recently as a vendor in one of our markets where she presented a beautiful display of her one-of-a-kind artwork. Colours, textures, brush strokes, canvas… It all comes together in pieces that evoke feelings, memories, and interpretations special to each person who view it. Mark making and allowing the canvas to come alive through a loose process is how she creates.

“Every mark, holding its own sentence. Every color its own punctuation.” – Joy Kinna

I’m very excited to be sharing a little bit about Joy, her passions, and influences; and I hope you finish feeling inspired to slow down, open your imagination, and create something.



Describe for us, yourself as an artist
I am an emerging artist in the lower mainland and a current undergrad student at Trinity Western University, where I am completing my Bachelor of Art + Design. All my work is process driven, a culmination of conscious and unconscious decisions. I aim to convey a sense of raw emotion and honesty in my work.


What inspires you to create?
Colour is the driving inspiration in my work. Colour brings feeling, memory, and insight. There is so much possibility in the world of colour. In addition to this, I am inspired by the materials I work with. Nothing gets me more excited than a blank canvas, colour, and new materials.


What inspired you to take your art to market?
People! When people began to show interest in purchasing my work, I began to wonder if I could really sell my work for a living. There is something so special about a complete stranger walking up to your work, experiencing it, connecting with it, and investing their money in it. Watching people enjoy my work, and use it to transform their spaces is what has inspired me to take my art to the market.


Imagine yourself before you started your business, if you could give yourself any piece of advice, what would it be?Looking back, I would tell myself to keep taking risks and to be fearless. We often waste so much time worrying about the choices we are going to make, yet sometimes we just need to fearlessly jump into what we know we were made to do.


Tell us three things about yourself that most people may not know about you

  1. I have my third degree black belt in Taekwondo, after training for ten years.
  2. I have the hardest time painting with the colour green.
  3. In the summer I love to go cliff jumping.


Tell us about your family
My husband and I are a little family of two. We are in a stage of life where things seem simple. We are young, freshly married, and are both stepping into new and exciting adventures. My husband is a musician and he is one of my biggest inspirations.


What do you enjoy doing to relax & recharge?
My ideal way to recharge, would be taking a drive down to the beach, setting up a blanket, sipping on a cup of tea, and taking time to write down what is on my heart and mind. To relax and recharge I need to slow down and simplify.


How has being an entrepreneur empowered you?
Being an entrepreneur has empowered me to be proud of my work. It has really allowed me to take myself and my work more seriously. Starting my own business has been such an adventure, it brings so much life and excitement. I find that my work is staying fresh and new because of it.


What can we expect to see from you over the next few months? One year?
You can expect to see me creating more work and stepping into new directions with my abstract painting. I will be completing a few larger commissions, as well as posting more work for sale on my website and through Instagram.


Where can people purchase your work?
Website: & Instagram: @joykinna




I encourage you to visit Joy’s beautiful website to view some of her work and learn how you can incorporate her hart into your living spaces, and stay connected with Joy, by following her Instagram feed


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