Loving Local Update


Many of you have been asking if we will be hosting any Spring markets this year…


Truthfully, I’ve been avoiding writing this post, probably because each time I sit down to put my thoughts into words, I draw a blank, I’m not much a writer to begin with, but I suppose this post is a little bittersweet.


Or perhaps it’s because we as humans have been influenced to believe that if we stop doing something it means we’ve failed, quit, or given up.  Sometimes life can throw you the craziest of curve balls, but I truly believe that they’re meant to lead you back to the path you’re meant to be on. After being thrown some major curve balls seemingly non-stop over the past few years, I guess you could say we hit a wall. My husband and I have been lead to doing some serious personal digging: re-evaluating our beliefs, values, relationships, how we’re raising our kids, our business – everything (told you it was serious!) A quote I found in the process that has really impacted me says: “every choice is going to enhance my spirit, or drain my spirit.”  This quote has helped me tremendously when deciding what should remain the same, or what I need to change; and I keep it written on a post-it note on my desk as daily reminder.


By now you have probably noticed that our social media and blog has made a bit of a transition into more family adventure, tiny living, and a little travel, rather than market and vendor announcements; and that hasn’t been an accident. I guess we should make it official and let you know that we won’t be hosting any markets this year, and we aren’t sure if we’ll host more in the future.


Don’t worry, this is a GOOD thing!


I love that we all have the opportunity to evolve and adapt as life happens (even if we don’t think we do). Over the past couple years I feel like I’ve done as much adapting as I have in my whole life, and it hasn’t been easy! I’ve always been a planner, and trying to plan things right down to the last detail is still something I try to do a little less of, because guess what – life still happens, plans change, and we get thrown curve balls! For example, my husband was offered an amazing nine-month job contract across the country two months ago, at first I thought hell-to-the-no! We had just moved into our RV and this was not in the plan! Although, after A LOT of thought, reflection (and perhaps a few panic attacks on my part), we made the decision to temporarily move from BC to Ontario. We left our tiny home on wheels and what we thought was “the plan” behind.

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And you know what, I’m so happy that we did.


It’s been a change that has allowed me to continue to dig deep and decide whether to continue with Loving Local, or not, and what that may look like moving forward. What I truly desire is to create something that is authentic to me, my life, and my family so that it can be spirit enhancing, not spirit draining.


So, the future for Loving Local is going to look a little different, and a lot exciting!


Up until now, you may have known us as local small shop loving market organizers, and half of this will remain true! We will continue to intentionally shop & support local Canadian brands and you’ll be able to see them scattered throughout our blog and social media as we shine a spot-light on companies within our “Made in Canada” blog posts, collaborations, partnerships, and just sharing products & people we love!


In addition, we are very excited to continue evolving into a slightly different identity as a place of inspiration for family friendly adventures, Canadian travel, tiny home & sustainable living, and locally made brands. We’d love to continue to share this journey with you, so we hope you’ll stick with us!  Thank you for being here on this crazy ride with us! We love you!