Made in Canada: Field House Brewing

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buy cipro online no prescription Field House Brewing
with Josh Vanderheide & Team

Written by: Samantha Lenz
Photography by: M&Him Photography
for Loving Local Magazine, June 2017 issue


Field House Brewing in Abbotsford opened a brewery and tasting room back in January 2016, and since then it has shown no signs of slowing down. With the craft beer industry booming – the Fraser Valley was in need of somewhere that brought the people and offerings of the community together.

Between brewery owner Josh Vanderheide, Head Brewer Parker Reid and an ever growing staff, this group of individuals has created something in Abbotsford that has sparked a lot of buzz between the general public, craft beer lovers, and beyond.

When Josh began thinking of opening a brewery he looked directly at the city of Abbotsford, what it’s core needs were and how those needs would be met. He wanted to generate a reason for people to leave their homes – to create a hub that the community could gather in that was both family friendly and showcasing what the neighbouring farms had to offer. Field House’s philosophy is simple – support local.

Ultimately with the craft beer industry at an all time high, Vanderheide was drawn to the industries openness of supporting collaboration and cooperation, over competition. “It’s such a welcoming and supportive industry, everyone is there to help each other”.

At the end of the day it’s all about having the beer speak for itself. Head Brewer Parker had the same approach in mind. A big inspiration for the beers at Field House come from Holland – back when both Josh and Parker took a trip in the early planning stages. The objective was to find traditional Dutch recipes that they could tap into, bring back, and put their own unique take on them. “It’s about creating flavours that work together – that are innovative and interesting”. As Parker stated it’s “about capturing the essence and being able to give our guests a familiar taste but with a unique twist, something surprising and inspirational”.

Besides the beer, Fieldhouse has crafted a specific food menu to pair perfectly alongside them. The idea was to bring more local food/businesses into the brewery to showcase what the rest of the community had to offer. Head Chef Bonnie, had a passion to create basic and indulgent comfort foods while incorporating quality handmade locally sourced ingredients. “We wanted to make an impact, to move the community forward by the food we offer”. As Bonnie stated it simply came down to “what food do people want to eat while drinking their beer? Cheese and indulgent food”. Field House works and collaborates with other local businesses such as The Local Harvest, The Polly Fox Bakery, Old Hand Coffee, to give out the best end product.

In addition to wanting to support local, for the staff “it’s about contributing to the community we want to build”. “The people are important to us, this place is the way it is because of them and what makes this place the best”, Vanderheide notes. “If it wasn’t for our community, the crew, customers, and craft beer fans, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

As one of the busiest joints locals flock to in Abbotsford, the unique experience you will take away from Field House is truly unlike anything else. If you’re interested in learning more about Field House or what’s on tap, visit their website or follow along on social media, or go down and check the place out for yourself.

Field House Brewing
2281 W Railway Street, Abbotsford BC
Website | Instagram | Facebook

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