RV Living: 5 Month Update


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On September 15th, 2017 we made the move from a 1,400 square foot house to a 200 square foot travel trailer, and nope that wasn’t a typo – It was a big change (or should I say tiny?), but it was our first step into a lifestyle we felt could bring our family more freedom and the adventure we had been seeking. In the two months prior, we sold or donated most of our possessions, with the exception of our daily necessities, clothing, and a small storage locker of keepsakes. We did a partial renovation on the trailer including a major overhaul on the rear due to previous water damage, and some painting inside to make it feel more like “ours.” We decided we would begin our journey of RV living by renting a space at a resort in our home town, we didn’t yet have a vehicle that could tow a trailer to make us mobile (nor were we confident the RV was in good enough condition yet). On top of that, we were entering into the colder months and felt it would be better to hunker down and get some winter preparation done.


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After discovering that we weren’t going to be properly prepared for the winter weather in time, and at the same time being met with an amazing work opportunity for Randy near his hometown in Ontario, we decided to leave our new little home on wheels and make the temporary move to Stratford, ON.


Fast forward to now.

We’ve settled into Randy’s childhood home with his family for the past couple months and will stay here into the summertime. It has been an opportunity that I feel incredibly grateful for. Seeing our children get to know and fall in love with Randy’s family is something I didn’t know if they would have the chance to do, living across the country. It will be very difficult to leave when the time comes, but so comforting to have two special places to call home in this beautiful country, BC and Ontario.


Back in BC, where our little home has been waiting for us…

Our plan has been to bring the RV out to Ontario to finish our renovations and get it road trip ready, then begin our travels here, visit the east coast, and then head back west. Well, it seems to be a trend around here, but plans may be changing… Again!

While we’ve been away, we’ve received word that our poor RV has experienced some pretty bad leaks, damage behind the walls, and above the ceiling during earlier ice storms in the Fraser Valley of BC. Welp! So we began weighing our options, and there are really only two:

  1. Stick to the original plan and bring the RV back to Ontario for even more renovations (without knowing to what extent, or the cost) and most likely have to push back our cross-Canada trip, OR
  2. Sell the RV for what we can, purchase a new (to us) one, and essentially start over.

To you, the answer may seem obvious, but for us, it’s been a struggle to feel like we’re making the right choice. There are a lot of factors involved, and we continue to pray that we’re making the best decision.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin sharing this RV living journey, this time from the start! The first time around, we were so rushed that we really didn’t share much of the experience. We’ve already begun searching for our new little home, and I have to say having 3 months of full-time RV living experience under our belts this time around is a nice change!  We’re very excited to take you along on our search for the perfect home, the renovation experience, and getting back to living in our tiny home on wheels and traveling the country – Can I get a woop!?

Our hope is that we can inspire other families that want more adventure, quality time together, and perhaps feel that living a little “alternatively” is there jam (disclaimer: you don’t need to stuff your family into an RV for more adventure or quality time together!).


Now for the most important part of this post: THANK YOU.

Thank you for being here, for liking our posts, sharing your thoughts with us, supporting our crazy decisions, and creating a pretty rad community right here – we love you!!