RV Living: Change of plans, but never the goal

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”


Naturally I’m a planner and I really like to feel prepared; I have a day planner that I seriously can’t function without. But, as we all know, life just isn’t that predictable.


If you’ve been in this amazing little community of ours for a little while, you already may know that my family and I moved into a 27 ft. RV, full-time this past September. You can read a little more about why here.  After making the big decision to live tiny in July, it was a mad rush to not only downsize, but to prepare for winter, and that meant winterizing our new home. Because most RV’s aren’t manufactured for the purpose of being lived in during freezing temperatures, this was an important job!  We had done a lot of research on the topic, and my husband was fully versed in how-to YouTube videos. We felt pretty prepared with the list of items that needed to be taken care of: insulate the water hoses, poly the windows, enclose the outside perimeter of the unit, and a few other even less exciting jobs.


Well, fast forward to November 2nd and our first surprise snowfall.


We had been fully moved in for a little over a month and were picking away at our winter prep thinking we had plenty of time, besides we lived just outside of Chilliwack, where winters are usually late and mild.  Not only did we run out of propane in the middle of the night (which fuels voltaren cream where to buy all of our heat), but we hadn’t finished even half of the winterizing projects we needed to. This was a huge reality check for us. In hindsight, I’m actually very thankful for that quick glimpse of winter, which soon disappeared, because it was like a test… A test that we unfortunately failed.


So, there we sat, in our new little home we’d absolutely fallen in love with, knowing that we just weren’t prepared to spend an entire winter in it. We had some big decisions to make… Do we frantically finish our winterizing projects (that frankly were costing much more than we had anticipated – another reality check) and hope they’re good enough? Or, do we re-evaluate and make a change in our plans?



Change it was, but it came in an unexpected way.


Shortly after that chilly experience, my husband Randy was offered a nine-month contract work opportunity.       In Ontario.


Given the position we were in, and the fact that most of Randy’s family lived there, we made the decision to move… Again. It was not an easy decision to make, especially for me. BUT, even though we were changing the direction of our plans we had become so settled in, we would still be working toward our end goal – To live a adventurous life filled with memorable experiences with our children (perhaps more for another post). Furthermore, what we would gain out of this unexpected change is honestly even better.  Our kids would finally meet and make memories with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We could prepare our RV, not only for winter weather, but for travelling thousands of kilometers when we move back in! We could complete some renovations that got pushed to our “one day” list and take a cross-country RV road trip from the Maritimes to Vancouver Island – Major bucket list check right here!


Just days after making the decision, we loaded up our car with necessities, two toddlers, a dog, and hit the road! Seven days, 4221 kilometers, 384 rustic barns, 26 coffees, 16 pit stops, and 5 provinces later we arrived to our ‘home for now’ in Stratford, Ontario.


So, what’s happening in the meantime?


Well, we are thrilled to share the upcoming renovations of our tiny home RV and take you along the journey in a little more detail this time! Our sweet little abode (I miss her already!) will be arriving to us in January (she wasn’t quite ready for a cross-country trip just yet!).


We have two super exciting shop local markets that I will be flying back home to BC for (“Handmade @ Highstreet” and “Make + Mingle Market”).  Of course we’ll still be loving on our locals, which just might begin to include some makers in other parts of Canada!  We will be making cherished memories while living with family in Ontario, until we embark on our cross-country road trip beginning in the Maritimes in late Summer (which we’ll also be blogging the heck out of, cause how cool is that!?).


So, even though change can be pretty tough, I’m continuously learning that if we keep living our life without going through big changes, pivots, and even set-backs, we couldn’t experience some of our most important lessons or biggest growth opportunities. Have you recently experienced a change that was tough? I’d love to hear about it, it’s always nice to know you’re not alone in those tough seasons of life! Keep on chasing those goals, no matter if the plans or path to get there changes.