DIY | Terrarium


Written by Sophia Weisbrod
Florals by Sophia’s Flower Shop
Photographed by Warin Marie Photography

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Living in such a lush and green region in British Columbia and having endless vegetation all around us, a simple walk through the park can get your creative juices flowing and prove resourceful when foraging for your own floral home decor. Spring time is a great time to get out and be creative. With all of the bright colours and lovely smells, who wouldn’t want to bring some of that inside your home to enjoy?


In the Fraser Valley we have some great staple greenery such as salal, ferns, and evergreens. A simple drive up a forest road and you will begin to see all nature has to offer. As spring emerges from winter, trees begin to bloom; pussy willows, magnolia trees and cherry blossoms all add great colour, texture, and heighten your home floral designs or terrariums.


Moss works great for covering space and gives a really organic look to your arrangements or potted gardens. The best part? It can be found right in your own backyard! Succulents such as hens-and-chicks are becoming trendier as houseplants, as well as in our outdoor landscapes. They are very easy to grow from cuttings or can be purchased at almost any local floral shop or garden store.


The most tell-tale sign of spring are the flowers! Flowers such as: tulips, hyacinth, anemones, ranunculus, hellebores, daffodils, lily of the valley and peonies can be found all over during spring time. You can grow them in your own backyard or if it’s easier, stop by your local flower shop and pick up a small bouquet of spring florals to accent all the other natural goodies you’ve foraged!