Our Winter Bucket List & Why You Should Have One Too + free printable

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a priority” – Richard Branson


As we approach the end of another year, it can be tough to reflect on all the things we wanted to do in 2017, but never did; I know it is for me. As our family grows (our kids are two and three years old) it seems each year slips away even faster than the last (insert sobbing emoticon).  It can be overwhelming to think about everything we want to accomplish or experience in the coming year, ya feel me?

Over the past six months, my husband and I have began actively making changes in our lifestyle in order to begin experiencing life as we dreamed about, before even having a family. For us, this doesn’t mean expensive or fancy things, we’re going back to basics and valuing experiences over collecting things, making cherished memories, living in a more sustainable way, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. We started by simply spending more time outside exploring, then downsizing our belongings and redirecting our spending to locally made goods, to eventually moving in an RV full-time.  It’s been a really exciting adventure, although at times it can also be pretty daunting and feel like a lot of pressure, after all, we’re raising little humans.


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This shift in our lifestyle inspired me to take mental note of all of the adventures I’d love to experience and remember with my family.  Although, the more I thought about making them happen: costs, time, and preparation involved, I would go from feeling inspired and motivated to feeling overwhelmed and defeated pretty quickly. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you?


I knew I needed to go from having these ideas rattling around in my head along with the never ending mom-to-do-list, to making a plan! As an small business owner, I know how important it is to set goals in order to achieve certain desires in my business. I also know how important it is to put pen to paper and write them down; a wise man once said “a goal not written down is really only a wish.” So, why wouldn’t I do the same for achieving goals of family experiences and adventure?


So, I created a Winter Bucket List, and you should too! (fill out your free printable version below!)


There is power in writing down your goals. Life is short and it is easy to let the days flow by without exploring what is outside the daily routines of life. Someday it will be our time to ‘kick the bucket,’ so perhaps we begin to treat every day like a special occasion. Generally when people think of a “bucket list,” they think of all the things that they want to do or experience throughout their entire life, before they proverbially, “kick the bucket,” sounds a little overwhelming, right?  While I highly encourage you to create your own bucket list, I’d like to suggest that you set yourself up for success by breaking your big list down into something that’s more attainable, for example a seasonal bucket list.  New seasons bring changes in weather, holidays, and opportunities to experience activities in a whole new way – Near, or far from home. I encourage you to think about the things you thought about doing last winter, but didn’t. Write those down, and make them happen this year!


While we created a Winter Bucket List for our family, I took note of a few tips:

  1. Have a master bucket list
    This is a list that you can add items to on an ongoing basis; think of an amazing experience you’d like to make happen? Add it to the list! This will also help you not to get bogged down by items you perceive being unattainable at the time, add it to your list for when the time is right!
  2. Organize your master list into smaller lists
    Use the free printable below to create your own Winter Bucket List and make a plan so you can achieve a few of your bucket list items over the next couple months.
  3. Keep these lists somewhere you’ll see them daily
    On your fridge, wall, bathroom mirror, you name it; daily reminders will inspire you to take charge and stick to your plans!
  4. Share your list with someone
    Grab yourself an accountability partner and share your bucket lists with each other, you’re much more likely to stay on track and accomplish steps you need to take in order to check off a list item when someone else knows about it!
  5. Experience your bucket list with others
    “Happiness is only real when shared” Christopher McCandless
    Surprise someone in your life every once in a while with a spontaneous experience that will bring you closer together while allowing you to check off one of those items from your list.


Download your FREE Winter Bucket List Printable:

My Winter Bucket List Printable
Our Winter Bucket List Printable


As perhaps a little inspiration, I’d like to share our family Winter Bucket List, that we’ll be checking off while we live in Ontario, Canada over the next few months:

Experience winter at Niagra Falls

Skate on Rideau Canal Skateway

Check out Hamilton’s frozen waterfalls

Go to the Winterlude Festival

Take the VIA Rail train

Go tubing at Snow Valley near Barrie


So go, GO and chase those dreams, make those memories, and live an adventure filled life!